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Monday, August 16, 2010

Etsy Angels Helping The Helping Hands Homeless Shelter in Camdenton, Missouri

For the entire month of August the Etsy Angels team will be fund raising for the Helping Hands Homeless Shelter in Camdenton, Missouri. Helping Hands shelters men/women and children as well as families.

“People seem to have this notion that homelessness is self-inflicted,” said Ron Estep, Treasurer and Board member. “Sometimes it is. Once in a great while we see someone who, through conscious decisions about drugs or alcohol or gainful employment, you would have to say is homeless by choice. But by far, most of the clients we serve are homeless because of circumstances beyond their control. They are members of the Lake community, not strangers passing through, who need a hand up. Helping Hands is there to temporarily fill that void, providing a roof over their head, sustenance, and a bed to sleep in.” "The goal for each resident is independence. We help them achieve independence, but we’re not a dumping ground. I compare it with road signs like you see along the highway. We help them understand what they need to do and we help them do it, but the final goal is the exit sign when you’ve reached your destination.”

For further information please go to:
The Etsy Angels are a Self-Representing Team of Artisans that create a variety of unique handmade items including Artisan Jewelry, Lampwork Glass and Polymer Clay Beads, Bath and Body Products, Quilts, Knits and Plush, and Paper Products to name a few.

Here is a list of participating shops and their donation intentions:

Ozarknana - 75% of every Helping Hands "EXIT" mascot
and 20% of everything else in the shop sold.
http://Ozarknana.etsy.com ...

BeadedTail - 20% of all sales ...

Sewinggranny - 20% of all sales ....

MamaJody54 - 20% of all sales ....

CBLandCompany - 20% of jewelery sales designated by Lisa ....

Handjstarcreations- 20% of sales in Helping Hands section

CraftsbyChris - 10% of all sales ......

Maranda - 10% of all sales .....

Wildlifer78 - 15% of all sales ...

MountainEagleCrafter - 10% of all sales

SerenitySac - 10% of August sales

ArrivingAngels - 10% of all August sales

Angel Helper for August

Starwaves - 10% of all sales

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